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Last updated: 2022-06-20

In modern age, as time increase, needs & requirements of the person are also increased. They want more facility & try to do their task quickly & within time. But they cannot get all the things at nearest market or area, so they have to import the things from any place in the world. The courier service is one of the solutions of these problems. It is used to send some things to any person in the world within time. The courier company has number of branches, which are spread over the country or the world. So that when person wants to send things then he has to contact at nearest courier service branch. The courier company creates the schedule & gives internal/external services. The courier service work as destination office or source office. The source office branch receives the order means consignments & sends it to the destination courier branch. The company has certain rules according to the weight.
The Main Features The utmost features Booking Entry • The Franchise for Delivery • Updating the delivery status for the packets • Printing of the bills invoice • Client Management System • Employee Management System • Initial Settings • Daily, Monthly, Weekly Report

1. Booking list, Add/edit.
2. Multiple Searching System for booking list.
3. Update Booking Status.
4. Assign to Deliver agent.
5. Multiple Validation for Assigning DV agent.
6. Assign to Hub.
7. Merchent Billing.
8. Merchent Billing Details.
9. Expense.
10. Expense Report.
11. Customer Balance Report.
12. Company Earning Report.
13. Visual Dashbaord.
14. System Management.
15. Fronted Setting.
16. Total Collection.
17. User List , add/edit.
18. Global Setting.
19. More feature added.

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Booking list, Add/edit.